1/2″ Domed Brass Metal Button


Made in the USA


Domed buttons were common throughout the 18th and into the early 19th century. These buttons are made of the highest quality solid brass with soft rounded edges that wont cut your work but can be polished with no fear of loosing their color. The round soldered shank works very well when attaching buttons with tape. In The Virginia Gazette in 1776, “A HORSE THIEF . . .  he is as consummate a Villain as was ever imported from England . . .  He is an expert Gunsmith (which, however, he will not own) and if he is enlisted for a Soldier will be very useful in repairing Guns, but must have a sound Lashing before he will do it as it ought to be. He stole . . .  a white Sagathy Coat, double breasted, with yellow Metal Buttons; a brown Surtout Coat, double breasted, with white Metal Buttons”.

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