1/4″ Synthetic Whalebone For Stays



Artificial Whalebone For Stays, 1/4″ (6.35 mm) wide, by the yard.

Made in Germany

Artificial whalebone works really well for the boning in undergarments. This is made specifically for use in stays. Unlike zip ties, whalebone has no memory & is easily reshaped with a hot iron if needed. We sell this by the yard or in 26 yard rolls (which is enough for one pair of average size fully boned stays).

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In the 18th century, stays were boned either with thin wood or the far superior baleen. This baleen was called whalebone by the whalers who harvested it & sold in stores as whalebone.  Originally whalebone was the keratinous material found around the upper jaws of baleen whales & was a strong material that provided support in 18th to early 19th century undergarments when it was eventually replaced by steel.