1″ Domed Bone Button Molds


Bone button molds are slightly domed on one side and flat on the other as were common in the mid to late 18th century. Button molds made of bone like this are found abundantly at 18th century cites across the United States, Canada and Europe. Many people feel these were the most common type of button found on civilian clothing throughout the 18th century. Fabric covered buttons may be made of either wood or bone but if the garment will be washed bone may hold up better. It is easiest to make “death head” buttons using wood button molds since the rough texture of the wood help hold the threads in place. Directions for cloth covered buttons are included in The Lady’s Guide to Plain Sewing [Book II] and The Packet V. For example in New Jersey in 1780, there was “Stolen from a House – one light coloured watch-coat, buttons covered with the same coloured cloth”.

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