14.5 oz Russia Sheeting, WHP 101


100% Hemp, 14.5 oz, 60″ wide


Russia-sheeting & Russia-canvas were both plain weave hemp linens. Fabric made of finer weight threads was called sheeting & heavier weights canvas. Russia duck was hemp sheeting with a glazed finish to help shed water. Glazed hemps are not commercially available today. Russia drab was simply any coarse hemp fabric that is left unbleached and therefore of a drab color similar to our 16 oz. drab.

Russia canvas, sheeting, and drab were used to make sturdy knapsacks, sacks, spatterdashes, haversacks, drop cloths, bags, market wallets, chair seats, wagon covers, tents and clothing. Negro slaves were given shirts made of canvas. Sometimes used for durable waistcoats and breeches, and for long sailor’s trousers. Working class women’s stays may be made of canvas since the rubbing of the boning will wear through weaker fabrics. In The Virginia Gazette in 1772, “RUN away from the Ship POLLY . . .  [a] Seamen WILLIAM STEVENS . . .  he had on when he went away . . .  short Canvas Trousers.” For another example in The Virginia Gazette in 1773, “COMMITTED to the gaol . . .  a runaway Negro man . . .  had on a Russia sheeting coat and breeches”. If you will be hand sewing your project try our 35/2 or 16/2 unbleached or off white linen thread. If one of these hemp linens are not exactly what you are interested in you might look at our coarse flax linens.

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