3/4″ Fancy Cross Metal Buttons


3/4″ Size

Made in the USA

These high quality pewter buttons are cast from an extant pewter mold with European provenance in a private collection. Although not a perfect match to any original America button known there are a number of buttons that are very similar in style see the 5th from right top button on page 59 of the book Gentlemen on the Frontier: A pictorial Record of the Culture of Michilimackinac by Eugene T. Petersen, 1964. Looking at button profiles the button shank is very similar to several illustrated in both the book mentioned above and the book Casemates and Cannonballs: Archeological Investigations at Fort Stanwix National Monument by Lee Hanson and Dick Ping Hsu, 1975. For example cited in personal communication with Mike Barbieri an ad in the 1775 The Boston Gazette advertised “Stolen out of the Shop . . . the following Articles, viz . . . a Number of Hard-metal Buttons of different Sorts.”

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