3/4″ Flat German Silver Buttons


Made in the USA


Flat German silver buttons became more popular during the early 19th century. Although generally speaking buttons were becoming more flat as time went from the 15th to the 19th century there is a lot of variation. These are the buttons called for in the US State Militia Coat. Being made of solid German silver, they may be polished with no fear of loosing their color. Polished smooth, these buttons have no sharp edges to cut your thread and having a round soldered shank that works very well when attaching buttons with tape. In The Virginia Gazette of 1739 “RAN away . . .  Two Servant Men, and a Lad . . .  [one of the men] is a Blacksmith by Trade. Had on, when he went away, a brown Plains Coat with white flat Metal Buttons . . .  The other Man . . .  is a Shoe maker . . .  Had on, a light colour’d Coat with flat Metal Buttons”.

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