5/8″ Reproduction Chisels


Made in the USA

Inspired by originals, each chisel is a unique hand crafted reproduction, approximately 5 1/2 inches long. It is crafted in the USA by two specialists; a knife maker and woodworker. The knife maker’s steel cutting edge is of the highest grade O1 steel to hold a clean razor sharp edge. The woodworker chooses cherry or other hard wood to turn each handle soft and smooth, then elegantly fits the steel cutting edge snuggly into the handle.

Buttonhole chisels were used to make clean, perfectly uniform, buttonholes. With a cutting board underneath your garment, push down firmly and evenly. A mallet is not needed as this may dull your chisel. The handle fits comfortably within the palm of your hand, allowing for perfect control to easily cut through multiple layers at once.

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