Brown Corduroy, WCN 350 P


100% Cotton, 61″ Wide

Corduroy was first advertised in London in 1756 but did not become popular until the late 1780s. This corduroy has 12 wales per inch and from the late 1780s and into the 19th century corduroy was commonly used for working class men’s waistcoats breeches and tousers and children’s clothing but could also be used for women’s outerwear such as spencers but also in trims and accessories. For example in The Connecticut Journal of 1775 corduroy was included in an ad that said “just received a large and general Assortment of English and India Goods, which he will dispose of very low for Cash or Country Produce.” brown linen thread for hand sewing will match this fabric. For buttonholes you might use brown silk quilter’s thread.

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