Coarse Unbleached Linen, WLG 101


100% Linen, 14 oz, 60″ Wide

Sold by the quarter yard.

Discontinued fabric available in a limited quantity.

Coarse natural unbleached tightly woven linen like this was commonly used to make trousers, long sailor’s trousers (sometimes called slops), overalls, haversacks, kettle bags, wallets, chair seats, linings, and work aprons. Less often breeches, jackets, waistcoats, and coats can be made of this. For example in The Virginia Gazette an ad reported “The person who stole the horse . . .  had on a . . .  coarse linen jacket and trousers” in 1776. Linen thread for this would be best hand sewing using 16/2 or 35/2 unbleached. If this fabric is not exactly what you are looking for you might consider the similar 16 oz. Russia sheeting.

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