Crimson Red Manchester Velvet, WCN 334 P


100% Cotton, 58″ Wide

Crimson red velvet resulted because of some difficulties in dying velvet in bright shades of red early on. Cotton velvet spread rapidly after about the 1750s (possibly much earlier) and were known as “Manchester goods”. Manchester velvets were used in the 18th century for men’s waistcoats and jackets but became especially popular for men’s breeches. Velvets were also used for cuffs, collars and facings on coats and for women’s shoes. In the early 19th century velvet was used for women’s outerwear such as spencers but also in trims and accessories. For example in the 1775 Connecticut Courant an ad included, “Stolen . . .  one surtout with a red velvet cape” cited in personal communication with Mike Barbieri. Scarlet linen thread is the closest match to this fabric. Crimson quilter’s thread matches well for sewing button holes.

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