Dark Brown Wool, WWV 657


70% Wool, 10% Cashmere and 20% Nylon

~14 oz, 60″ Wide

This dark brown woolen has a full nap on one side but is far lighter than many coating weight wools. Brown broadcloths are very commonly described in the 18th and early 19th centuries. This wool coating could be used to make a man’s coat, waistcoat, breeches or jacket. It could also be used for a woman’s cloak. For example from personal communication with Mike Barbieri in the 1772 Boston Evening Post an ad included, “Ran away . . .  an indented Man Servant . . .  had when he went away . . .  one Suit of Brown Cloaths . . .  carried with him . . .  two old brown Jackets.”. Brown linen threadwill be the best match for hand sewing. For hand sewing button holes try the brown quilter’s thread or dark brown buttonhole twist.

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