Dark Olive Green Stuff, WWV 652


100% Wool, 62″ Wide


Stuff is a generic term for several types of worsted. This stuff is an olive, similar to some army greens but is soft and light weight. Quite a number of olive green worsted c. 1750-80 stays are in existence with American provenances along with some runaway descriptions. This stuff has a light plain weave is a good weight for women’s riding habits, gowns, and petticoats, either men’s or women’s jackets, and men’s waistcoats, coats and breeches. For example advertised in The Virginia Gazette of 1774, “Run away . . .  two convict servants, viz. . . .  a Welsh woman . . .  had on, and took with her . . .  an old pair of green coloured stays” as cited in Wives, Slaves, and Servant Girls. Green 50/3 linen thread for hand sewing is only a bit lighter. For hand sewing buttonholes drab silk quilters thread and buttonhole twist are the closest matches.

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