“Death Head” buttons, their use and construction


By Norman H. Fuss

Softcover 23 pages

A Treatise on how thread wrapped buttons known as “Death Head” were made and used in 18th Century Clothing.

Mr. Fuss has written a book that has clear and concise instructions and easy to follow photographs showing the process to make a thread covered button. Not just an instruction book, the history of the button along with many photographs of portraits and extant clothing is included.

This book is a must for the construction of well-made civilian clothing. “They appear to have been used primarily on less formal attire intended for business and informal social wear rather than formal or court attire” according to Mr. Fuss. He adds that there is some evidence that their use may extend down to the lower sort as well. With the directions in this book, silk quilter’s thread, and wood button molds you can make your own death head buttons. If there is simply not enough time in the day to learn a new project buy ready made death head buttons.

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