Fine Blue Linsey Woolsey


37% Wool, 54% Linen, 9% Nylon, 60″ Wide

Sold by the quarter yard.

Linsey Woolsey that is blue is commonly described in American runaway ads during the 18th century but was used over a much wider time period. As it’s the weft wool that is died the linen threads are a natural white giving this linsey a mottled look. This blue lincey woolsey has a modern salvage edge & has been fulled so it’s soft. Lincey appears to be a homespun fabric resulting in many variations. This lincey is woven of finer threads resulting in a much thinner fabric adequit for summer wear. Linsey was especially used in the 18th century for women’s gowns, and petticoats, but was also used for both men’s & women’s jackets, as well as waistcoats & trousers. For example, in The Pennsylvania Chronicle of 1772, “Ran away . . . a Scotch servant woman . . . Had on, when she went away, a  . . . stripe linsey petticoat, and a blue linsey bed gown” as cited in Wives, Slaves, and Servant GirlsNavy 35/2 linen thread and blue worsted wool tape match this fabric well. Matching tape is often seen on the hems of petticoats and bedgowns. For sewing buttonholes try deep indigo blue silk button hole twist or quilter’s thread.

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