Girl’s Bonnets: Fashionable & Working Class c. 1790-1820


Pattern By: Kannik’s Korner

Made in the USA

This pattern is adapted for girls from the Woman’s Caps & Bonnets pattern KK-6603. Three of the bonnet style views have been adapted, and are labeled to match the woman’s views if mother and daughter would like to wear the same style. The pattern includes a total of 12 variations plus optional ties with three bonnet brim styles, made with pasteboard stiffened brims, and the caul (soft back part) can be gathered or pleated and attached over or under the front brim. In The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London of 1809, in a theft trial the accused explained in her defense “it was a very windy day, I had my little girl in my arms; my little girl’s bonnet bew [sic] off her head, a woman behind me came and picked it up, she said it was very cold”.

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