Light Gray Virginia Cloth, Kersey Wove


55% Wool, 45% cotton, 58″ Wide

Wove in the USA. Preshrunk & finished.

Virginia cloth, later during the American Civil War this became known as Jean cloth, came in many variations this being a blend of gray, white & black wool woven on a white cotton warp. One variety of Virginia cloth was “kersey wove” the fabric kersey being a twill which this fabric is. Because of the weave, the cotton is the inside of the fabric whereas the wool is seen on the outside. Virginia cloth was especially used for enslaved people’s clothing but also others of the lower sort in the 18th century often for women’s gowns & petticoats, but was also used for both men’s & women’s jackets, as well as waistcoats & trousers. For example, in Rind’s Virginia Gazette of 1774, “Committed to the gaol of Prince George two Virginia born negro women; one . . . has on a . . . Virginia cloth petticoat” as cited in Wives, Slaves, and Servant Girls. Gray 35/2 linen thread match this fabric well. Matching tape is often seen on the hems of petticoats & bedgowns. For sewing buttonholes try gray blue silk button hole twist or quilter’s thread.

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