Journal of the Early Americas Volume III Issue II


44 pages, full color.

In this issue you will find articles on: 1. Arts and Artisans: A Comparative Analysis of the 1837 Fort Jackson Trading Camp Inventory Part 1 by Michael P. Schaubs 2. Hearthstone: A Cashless Society: Wave of the Future, Cicumstance of the Past by Dr. Elizabeth M. Covart, Ph.D. 3. The Early Americas: More Than a Copy: A Closer Look at John Smith’s 1612 Susquehannock Warrior by Jessica Diemer-Eaton 4. To Arms: Shooting the Trade Gun in the Eighteenth-Century Manner by Ronald Prusinski 5. The Punch Bowl: “…both by the Indians and the Canadians.”-Stone Pipe usage among French-Canadians by Issac Walters 6. A Matter of Taste: The Lobster: Colonial Poverty Food? by Hubbard C. Goodrich 7. Reviews: Interpreting Interpretation: A Book Review by Eugene R. H. Tesdahl

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