Journal of the Early Americas Volume III Issue IV


32 pages, full color.

In this issue you will find articles on: 1. Arts and Artisans: A Comparative Analysis of the 1837 Fort Jackson Trading Camp Inventory Part III by Michael P. Schaubs 2. Hoppus and Hathet: French American Jetons of the 1750s by David MacDonald 3. Hearthstone: The History of Linen: A Twist on Flax by David Hart 4. Discerning Re-enactor: “We Paddle, push, haul, drag and Carry all day….” A Tale of Friendship, Birch Bark, and Misadventure on the River, 1805/2013: by Gene Tesdahl and Isaac Walters 5. The Punch Bowl: Paul Revere’s Copper by Ray Cavanaugh 6. Call To Action: Marching the Knox Trail (2013) by David Fagerberg and Judi DeAngelis

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