Large Hooks and Eyes, White Brass


Hooks and eyes made white brass wire are available and sold by the set. Each hook and eye is 3/4″ long. Directions for securely sewing hooks and eyes are found in The Lady’s Guide to Plain Sewing Book II. These were used to close garments such as men’s coats and to cock hats. They may be used in conjunction with a pair of ties to help keep a women’s cloak shut as well and there is an unusual example from 1738 The Virginia Gazette of a “RUN away . . .  a Servant Man . . .  he is an Irishman . . .  He carried . . .  one Half thick Wastecoat, with Hooks and Eyes, instead of Buttons”. In 1774 in The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London during the trial of some highwaymen a witness stated, “I am a taylor: I made this coat for the prosecutor; I finished it on the 9th of April; I am sure it is the same; I made it myself; I know my own work perfectly well; the hooks and eyes are taken out, here are the marks where they were.” We also have hook and eye tape.

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