Linen Pocket with Crewel Work A


Have you ever wanted an embroidered pocket but never had the time to make one? This hand sewn linen pocket c. 1730-1780 is machine embroidered with worsted but you’d not know it for the outside is lined in unbleached linen. The 7 1/2″ slit is reinforced at the bottom with buttonhole stitch of unbleached linen thread. The overall dimentions are 14″ deep by 9 1/4″ at it’s widest. The 3/8″ linen tape is along with pocket is 85″ of girth to go around your waist along with plenty for tying for most women. For example in The Proceedings of the Old Bailey in 1764 two men “were indicted, for that they, on the 24th of March , about the hour of nine at night, the dwelling house of George Rice , Esq ; did break and enter, and stealing . . .  the property of Anne Brown, spinster; one linen pocket, one worsted pocket”.

Made in the USA.

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