1” Light Olive Green Silk Death Head Buttons


Made in the USA


Death head buttons were used on men’s coats and waistcoats throughout the 18th and into the early 19th century. They were used on everyday business attire not for best dress. This death head button was a store sample are a good size for a coat and hand made on a wood blank of silk thread.  Since these are hand made there may be a bit of a wait before we ship.

We do not know where the name came from. There are many theories. Read about them and learn to make your own with “Death Head” buttons their use and construction. In

The Virginia Gazette of 1774, “RUN away . . .  a Scotchman . . .  He had on . . .  a Newmarket coat of light bath coating, not bound, but stitched on the edges, with death head buttons on it”.

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