Orange Flowered Muslin, WCN 347

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100% Cotton, 44″ Wide


This orange muslin has the same yellow woven into vines with leaves & flowers. Muslin began being imported to Europe in the 17th century & some said they were so fine you could hardly feel them in your hand. Sprigged muslin first appears in quantity toward the end of the American War for Independence & soon was used in making Empire style gowns, handkerchiefs & chemisettes. In The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London of 1813, a witness said, “they asked for some sprigged muslin. I shewed them some muslins myself; at the same time I was shewing another customer some handkerchiefs. I left the customer to shew them the muslin, and while I turned round to fell the price of the handkerchief, Jones took the muslin. I missed the muslin in about five minutes after. Q. What was the quantity of that piece of muslin that was missed – A. Five yards. That was sprigged muslin. I asked them six shillings a yard for it. Jones went out of the shop, telling Williams that they were cheap.” Canary yellow linen thread for hand sewing will be the closest match.

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