Pair of Rose Shoe Buckles


The very wealthy showed their wealth in numerous ways. One was in the details of the garments they wore. These are identical reproductions of an extant pair in a private collection but are made of an alloy that wont tarnish set with paste. These will accommodate a strap of 1 1/4″ with an overall size of 2″ by 2 1/4″. They are fashionable for 1750s to 1780s wear. An example from London’s The Proceedings of the Old Bailey in 1783 a burglary trial a man “was indicted for burglariously and feloniously breaking, and entering . . .  forty-nine pair of silver shoe-buckles, value 13 l. twelve pair of silver knee-buckles, value 30 s. twelve pair of other silver shoe-buckles set with stone, value 20 s.”

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