Palace Bloom Chintz


44″ wide


Chintz with red, green, blue & brown on an off white ground is sometimes seen. Inspired from an original in the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum in Colonial Williamsburg, chintz were often used to make women’s gowns or jackets starting in the 1760s but gaining popularity in the 1770s. The gown or jacket may have a matching petticoat of the same fabric but petticoats were usually not made of printed fabrics unless the upper garment is also of the print. Men’s banyans were also made of chintz. For example in The Pennsylvania Gazette of 1777, “Run away . . .  a servant woman . . .  had on, and took with her, a light chintz gown” is cited in Wives, Slaves, & Servant GirlsOff white 60/2 linen thread is a good match for hand sewing.

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