Pink Stuff, WWV 654

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100% Wool, 58″ Wide


This is a fine light weight twill that is very durable. Stuff is a very good summer weight wool good for women’s riding habits, gowns, and petticoats, either men’s or women’s jackets, and men’s waistcoats, coats and breeches. In The Pennsylvania Gazette of 1770, “This day was committed to my custody as a runaway . . .  a Woman . . .  for stealing clothes from sundry persons, which have been owned; and as there are many clothes still in my custody, supposed to be stolen, viz. . . .  a pink coloured calimancoe quilt[ed petticoat]” As cited in Wives, Slaves, and Servant Girls. Pink linen thread is a close match to this fabric for hand sewing.

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