Red Hemp Cotton Stripe, WHP 109


55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton, 8.5 oz, 59″ Wide

Red and white stripe linen was not as common as other colors but it does show up occasionally. This hemp linen is tightly woven, prewashed and being 8.5 oz. has more body than many other stripe linens. It has numerous uses. For women: petticoats, gowns and jackets. For men: waistcoats, jackets, trousers, breeches, shirts, work aprons, workmen’s caps, and outer breeches (commonly known as slops although this term actually refers to all unfitted clothing). Stripe linen is an excellent choice for children’s clothing too. For example in The Virginia Gazette of 1773, “RUN away . . .  two convict servant men . . .  [one of them] by trade a cooper, born in Ireland, and has a good deal of the brougue . . .  Had on, and carried with him . . .  a red and white striped cotton and linen jacket, with sleeves, double breasted, and the stripes across”. Linen thread for hand sewing in 35/2 off white and 1″ cotton twill tape natural matches this fabric well. Tape of matching color is sometimes what is used as binding on women’s petticoats and gowns.

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