Remnant 1/2″ Dutch Linen Tape by the Yard, 1 yard & 25″ long


One yard long remnant.

Linen tape, finely woven in a natural color is a strong tape which takes to dyeing when necessary. Use the 3/4″ for binding the tops of petticoats it will hold both pleats or gathered edges well. Allow enough tape to tie the back panel directly in front and the front panel in back to best hold up your 18th century petticoats. Use the 1/2″ for binding pockets and stays. The 1/4″ may be used for stay tape, stay lacing, tieing the back of breeches and for inserting in button shanks. Directions for securely sewing buttons into a garment using 1/4″ linen tape are found in The Workman’s Guide to Tailoring Stitches. Directions for securely sewing linen tape on to a garment are found in The Lady’s Guide to Plain Sewing Book II. In 1757 in The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London “John Mungotroid was indicted for stealing . . . 3038 yards of linen tape, 175 yards of quality binding.”

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