Remnant Deep Indigo Blue Worsted, WWV 645, 22″ long


100% Wool, 61″ Wide


This twill weave Norwich good is fine and strong of a deep, rich but not too dark blue. This is a very good weight for a summer petticoat, woman’s jacket or gown. Less commonly, men’s waistcoats, jackets, coats and breeches were made of worsted. For example advertised in The Pennsylvania Gazette of 1775, “Run away . . .  an Irish servant girl . . .  had on and took with her two striped lincey petticoats, one of them new, the other pretty much worn, one blue worsted ditto”. Since “ditto” means “the same as”, this means “one blue worsted petticoat”. This is cited in Wives, Slaves, and Servant Girls. Try royal blue 80/3 linen thread for hand sewing and navy blue silk quilter’s thread for buttonholes.

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