Remnant Green Linen, WLG 167, 30″ long


100% Linen, 6.5 oz, 60″ Wide


In The 1773 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica it states that “green be the most frequent and most common of natural colors, yet there is no simple ingredient now used alone to dye green upon any material, sap green being the nearest, which is used by country people.” However in 1772 a “Dr. William” petitioned the English house of commons claiming to have invented permanent yellow and green dyes for cotton and linen. During the War of 1812 some US rifle regiments wore green hunting frocks. Although some regiments prefer hunter green others prefer this olive green. In The Maryland Gazette of 1761, “RAN away from Marann Furnace, Yuk County, in Pennsylvania, a Servant Man . . .  Had on when he went away . . .  a [???] Jacket, lined with green Linen”. Green linen thread 50/3 is an almost perfect match for hand sewing.

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