Remnant Oatmeal Linen, WLG 102, 35″ long


100% Linen, 8.2 oz, 60″ Wide


Linen with a warp thread of unbleached and weft thread of half-bleached creates an oatmeal color. Coarse linen like this was commonly used to make hunting frocks, trousers, sailor’s trousers (sometimes called slops), haversacks, kettle bags, market wallets, chair seats, linings, and work aprons. Less often enslaved people’s shirts and shifts (ouch!), breeches, jackets, waistcoats, and coats. For example in The Virginia Gazette in 1776 “RUN away . . .  a small outlandish Negro Fellow . . .  He carried away with him . . .  2 Virginia Linen Shirts, one of them very coarse”. Linen thread for this would be best hand sewing using 16/2 or 35/2 unbleached.

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