Size 18-28 Bib Front Gown c. 1811-1825


Fig Leaf

Made in the USA

This pattern is based on an extant gown in the collection of Camden Archives and Museum with a provenance from Camden, South Carolina. In the gown’s original form, it had ties on either side of the apron front which would be tied in the back, cinched in the high front waist when it likely had long sleeves. Possibly for an 1825 ball, these side ties were removed. After this modification, a brown silk sash tied in the front to create the cinching and the sleeves shortend. A full spiral book is included along with the pattern. In The Providence Gazette of 1800, “a Woman, who has been several Years delirious, escaped from her Father’s House . . .  She had on . . .  a short Calico loose Gown”.

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