Size 50 1750s Coat with Military Variations


Chest 50, Neck 20 and Waist 44

Made in the USA

Appropriate for either civilian or military wear, this coat has very full skirts, deep cuffs, a straighter front line and roomier sleeves than coats worn after the 1770s. The body of the coat fits close to the person with armholes set high and back to reinforce a correct, 18th century posture. Variations in lapels and cuffs are included to adapt to many regimental styles. For example included in the 1750 Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London, two men in a violent theft trial “were indicted for that they together with J. Norman not yet taken, on the Kings high way, on Joseph Norfield did make an an assault, putting him in corporal fear and danger of his life; and taking from him one blue cloth coat lac’d with gold value 3l. one scarlet coat value 3l.”

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