Sizes 22-26 Pair of Transition Stays Circa 1796-1806



Pattern by: Past Patterns

Made in the USA


This pattern was pulled, with permission, from the extant garment in the Danvers’ Historical Society in Danvers, Massachusetts. The threads appear to be hand spun and the fabric appears to be hand woven of linen warp and cotton weft. The thread count is approximately 40 warp and 36 weft. The pieces are sewn together with linen thread, perhaps the thread used to weave the fabric. The stiffening is whalebone. While the front is fully-boned the back and sides are partially boned. Variations of the front boning from Conner Prairie Museum in Fishers, Indiana and The Chester County Historical Society in West Chester, Pennsylvania are included with the pattern.

Detailed Historical Notes explaining and documenting what is unique about a pair of transition stays are included in the pattern package. For example in Wives, Slaves, and Servant Girls in London of 1802 it was recorded “she pulled off her stays, and in the lefthand side of the back part of the stays, I found the note.”.

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