Small Tailor’s Thimble


Size 9, 16mm

If you don’t like sewing with a thimble you might try a tailor’s thimble. Tailor’s thimbles are open at both ends and allow you to push the needle with the side of your finger but feel the fabric with the tip. They are also nice to sew with since your finger does not get so sweaty. Women with long nails also like to sew with these thimbles. Tailor’s thimbles are suggested in The Workman’s Guide to Plain Sewing Tailoring Stitches and Techniques and an original excavated at Fort Ticonderoga with an estimated date of 1750 to 1780 is illustrated on page 48 of “A Soldier-Like Way” The Material Culture of the British Infantry 1751-1768. Currently we are offering these thimbles in US size 10 and 12. In London’s The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, of 1744 in the trial of a group of theives it was recorded “ANOTHER Evening they met a Man whom they supposed to be a Taylor, in Hackney Fields, to whom they gave the usual Salutation, and took from him his Watch, about Five Pounds Two Shillings in Money, his Silver, Shoe, and Knee Buckles, his Hat, his Wig, his Neckcloth, and his Thimble.”

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