Spencer c. 1798-1809 P


Pattern By: Laurghing Moon

Includes all sizes 6 to 34.

Made in the USA

This Regency spencer pattern contains three views all with a wrapping front. View A has a ruffled collar whereas View B has a long falling collar and a ruffled back. View C has a tall falling collar and pleats at the center back, but you can also opt to omit the falling part of the collar and have just a standing collar on any of the views. There is also an option for a lower neckline with no collar. All Views have a two piece sleeve with attached cuff. Although each bodice has four total darts, the darts can be converted to gathers if you wish. In Wives, Slaves, and Servant Girls, London of 1806, in a theft trial a team of four thieves “was indicted for feloniously stealing” among other items “one velvet spencer trimmed with lace, value 2 l.”.

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