Teal Linen, WLG 134


100% Linen, 6.5 oz, 60″ Wide


Some linens were described as “copperas coloured“. Copperas was used as both a dye & a mordant & there is considerable confusion as to what color copperas was. Nonetheless, this is one of the many possible shades of copperas. Woad was the blue of Europe for much of history whereas indigo was the blue of Africa & Asia. This all changed in the 18th century as the enslaved Africans in America began to produce large quantities of indigo. Woad produces a greenish blue similar to this teal as opposed to the true blue of indigo. Nonetheless, solid dyed linen in any color remains the exception in runaway ads & original garments. In 1796 “RUNAWAY . . .  an indented Apprentice . . .  He wore away a Copperas coloured Linen Jacket and Trowsers” was advertised in Rhode Island. Pale blue 50/3 linen thread is the closest match to this linen.

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