Two Strapped High-Waisted Upper Petticoats c. 1798-1825


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Ideal for the Jane Austen or federalist period when the upper garment requires a petticoat that will not fall. This pattern provides a full size pattern, clear pictures illustrating construction and the stitches used to make an upper high-waisted petticoat. The high-waisted or empire style short gown, spencer or jacket were worn on the top of the body, under these was an outer petticoat (similar to the modern skirt) that could be seen and the under-petticoat (similar to the modern slip). Because of the high waist fashionable from about 1790 to 1820 straps had to be used to hold these petticoats in place. This pattern is coppied with permission from an original at the Genesee Country Village and Museum in Mumford, New York but extensive documentation from both Europe and America are used to justify the use of this garment over a wide area. Additional pictures and descriptions further document what fabrics both the upper and under petticoats were made of. An additional excerpt from Susan Green further explains fabrics that can be used to make the petticoat.

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