Woman’s Caps 1720 to 1800


Pattern by: Mill Farm

Made in the USA


Women often try several caps before they find one that compliments their face and they feel comfortable wearing. This pattern provides four different styles that may be further adorned with ribbons to provide individual touches. In The Pennsylvania Gazette of 1773 “Run Away . . .  a Dutch servant woman . . .  had on an English cap, with a coarse lawn border” as cited in Wives, Slaves, and Servant Girls.

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The caps in this pattern require 1/2 yard of fine linen or muslin & a spool of 60/2 white linen thread or even finer 90/2 white linen thread. Some people like to sew their cap with fine white silk thread although linen is what is seen in originals.

Depending on the cap you choose to make it may require up to 24″ on 1/8″ white cotton tape & some call for a small amount of cotton string like #19 cotton crochet cord. The grand coiffe has an option to add 4 yards of bobbin lace. Many types of caps may be spruced up with 1 1/2 yards of silk ribbon in various widths usually larger than 3/4″ wide.