Black Worsted Wool, WWV 659


100% Wool, 59” Wide


Specifically purchased with clergyman’s suits & Jesuit’s habits in mind, this durable plain weave is soft & was also commonly made into women’s shoes. A good weight for women’s riding habits, gowns, and petticoats, either men’s or women’s jackets, & men’s waistcoats, coats & breeches. In the early 19th century this worsted could be used for a gowns, spencers & pelisse. In The Virginia Gazette of 1774, “Run away . . . two convict servant women . . . one . . . had on, and took with her, a black stuff gown . . . a black petticoat”. As cited in Wives, Slaves, and Servant GirlsBlack 80/3 linen thread is an excellent match as is black buttonhole twist or  black silk quilter’s thread.

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