Blue & White Check Linen, WLG 171


100% Linen, 6.5 oz, 58″ Wide


This check linen is 1/4″ in the weft (side to side) & 3/8″ in the warp (length) & very similar to shirting used in the 18th & early 19th century America & England. Although not copied from any one original, it is extremely similar to samples 31, 32 & 78 of the 1771 Textile sample book of the Manchester manufacturing firm of Benjamin and John Bower. This fabric was commonly made into labouring women’s aprons & men’s (especially sailor’s) shirts but may also be used for linings & occasionally for women’s gowns (usually Negros), trousers or even bonnets. In the 1776 Connecticut Courant, “RAN AWAY . . .  a Mustee Fellow . . .  had on when he went off . . .  a check linen shirt blue and white” from personal communication with Mike Barbieri. Off white 60/2 linen thread will work well for hand sewing.

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