Brown and White Check Linen, WLG 191


100% Linen, 6.5 oz, 58″ Wide

This check linen is woven based on a pattern of our research of check linens made and used in the 18th and early 19th century America and England. The original was a blue on white but this is otherwise similar to several original check linens found in swatch books. Most checks available today are half white and half brown. The majority of checks found in the billet books at The Foundling Museum in London are mostly white with narrower stripes resulting in a check many modern people would think of more as a plaid. This fabric can possibly be used to make men’s shirts but may also be used for linings and occasionally for women’s gowns (usually Negros). In the 1769 Boston Evening Post, “Run away . . .  two indented Men Servants, the one . . .  Had on when he went away, a checkā€™d Linen Shirt” from personal communication with Mike Barbieri. Off white 35/2 linen thread will work well for hand sewing.

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