Diaper Cloth WLG 105


100% Linen, 10.5 oz, 59″ Wide


Birdseye weave made of linen was called diaper cloth in the 17th to 19th centuries. One of its primary uses was to make baby’s clouts also called pilchers or pilches which ultimately resulted in American’s word for baby’s diapers. Diaper cloth was often used for table cloths, napkins and wash clouts but was also used to make children’s pin cloths, men’s breeches, jackets and waistcoats. In the 1775 The Connecticut Courant, an ad included “New-Gate Prison was broke up, and the following prisoners made the escape, viz. . . .  an Irishman . . .  wore a . . .  white diaper jacket” which is shared from personal communication with Mike Barbieri. Off white 35/2 linen thread for hand sewing.

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