Red & Natural Stripe Linen, WLG 151


100% Linen, 8.7 oz, 58″ Wide


Ticking in the 17th and 18th centuries was made of linen and could be either striped or white (natural). When striped it was sometimes red & white (or natural). This ticking is unusual in that it has a herringbone weave although this is very subtle. Certain Hessian regiments during the American Revolution wore red stripe ticking gaitered trousers. Ticking was used to make bed ticks, bolsters & pillows but was also used to make men’s breeches, trousers, waistcoats & jackets & women’s pockets & stays. Ticking was also sometimes used as a lining. In the 1772 The Providence Gazette, an ad included “RAN away . . .  a Negro Man Servant . . .  had on and carried away with him . . .  one Pair new striped Ticken Trowsers”. Unbleached 35/2 linen thread will work well for hand sewing.

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