Haversack Kit, British without buttons c. 1750-1780


This kit includes:

Cut pieces for strap & bag stamped GR

Thread for sewing bag

A small piece of bee’s wax for running your thread across

Instructions how to sew the haversack

Haversacks are very easy to sew even for beginners. This kit is copied from a British original formerly in the private collection of J. Craig Nannos & includes directions written by Roy Najecki. The haversack includes ready cut pieces of oatmeal linen (WLG 102), with 35/2 unbleached linen thread, 16 ¾” wide by 13 ½” tall. The strap will be 34″ long when finished which fits the majority of people & is based on the original which corresponds to period illustrations.

Although the original haversack had only 2 buttons, illustrations show 3 buttons. Also, the original is sewn with the strap sewed through the bag’s flap which holds the flap down with no need for buttons. Furthermore, all the thread matches except the thread sewing the buttonholes and buttons which is heavier. Because of these reasons, it’s theorized the original haversack lacked any buttons and two buttons were added later. This haversack option is an acceptable interpretation and preferred by some recreated regiments. Please check with your regiment to see which option your regiment uses.

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