Oatmeal Linen, WLG 102


100% Linen, 8.2 oz, 60″ Wide


Linen with a warp thread of unbleached & weft thread of half-bleached creates an oatmeal color. Coarse linen like this was commonly used to make hunting shirts, trousers, sailor’s trousers (sometimes called slops), haversacks, kettle bags, wallets, chair seats, linings & work aprons. Less often enslaved people’s shirtsshifts (ouch!), breeches, jackets, waistcoats & coats. For example in The Virginia Gazette in 1776 “RUN away . . .  a small outlandish Negro Fellow . . .  He carried away with him . . .  2 Virginia Linen Shirts, one of them very coarse”. Linen thread for this would be best hand sewing using 16/2 or 35/2 unbleached.

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