Haversack P


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This handsewn haversack is copied from an original c. 1770s British haversack formerly in the private collection of J. Craig Nannos. This is made from oatmeal osnabirg linen, 16 ¾” (42.5 cm.) wide by 13 ½” (34.3 cm.) tall. Unlike the original, this haversack lacks the British broad arrow, JR and the buttons. It appears the buttons may have been added later since the shoulder strap is sewn through to the flap which results in no need for buttons. This haversack is described in great detail by Roy Najecki and it is with great thanks Roy has inspected this reproduction and gave it the nod of approval.

The shoulder strap on the original haversack, excluding the 3″ (7.6 cm.) sewn to the sack, is 34″ (86.4 cm) long which fits most people. When worn correctly the bottom of the haversack should be about level with your wrist. For a 1776 description “a Soldier cannot conveniently get through the Duties of a Campaign, without a Haversack of strong, coarse, grey linen (which is always issued as part of the Camp-equipage) to carry his bread and provisions on a March” Cuthbertson wrote on page 85 in item XLIV.

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