Ivory Striped Cotton Muslin, WCN 107


100% Cotton, 45″ Wide


Very sheer cotton gauze was used in the 18th century for lady’s aprons and handkerchiefs. Later it was used for the lightweight empire style gowns of the Napolionic period. For example in The New York Gazette, of 1775, “Run away . . .  in the city of New York . . .  a servant girl . . .  born in Scotland, and came from there thirteen months ago . . .  had on and took with her . . .  four handkerchiefs, one a red and white speckled cotton, a gauze, a linen, and one a lawn” is cited in Wives, Slaves, and Servant Girls. Off white 60/2 linen thread will match this fabric when hand sewing or try very fine white silk thread. The picture is taken on a black background with the penny on top and a slight fold to give you an idea of how sheer this cotton is.

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