Ivory Striped Cotton Muslin, WCN 107


100% Cotton, 45″ Wide


Very sheer cotton gauze was used in the 18th century for lady’s aprons & handkerchiefs. Later it was used for the lightweight empire style gowns of the Napolionic period. For example in The New York Gazette, of 1775, “Run away . . .  in the city of New York . . .  a servant girl . . .  born in Scotland, and came from there thirteen months ago . . .  had on and took with her . . .  four handkerchiefs, one a red and white speckled cotton, a gauze, a linen, and one a lawn” is cited in Wives, Slaves, & Servant Girls.  Off white 60/2 linen thread or fine silk thread. will match this fabric when hand sewing. The picture is taken on a black background with the penny on top & a slight fold to give you an idea of how sheer this cotton is.

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