Journal of the Early Americas Volume III Issue I


41 pages, full color.

In this issue you will find articles on: 1. Hoppus and Hatchet: “…whether Indians or white men had now gone by…” by Eric Reynolds 2. Hearthstone: The Stone Church in Fort Amsterdam by Jack Harpster 3. The Early Americas: “…the principal and handsomest trading-post on the Missouri River…” A Brief introduction to Fort Union by Rodney L. Lassey 4. To Arms: “Couldn’t work, Couldn’t Live on Wind”: Why Simon Girty Joined the British During the Revolutionary War by Mark Hersee 5. The Punch Bowl: “Old English Game Cocks by Duane Hartwig 6. The Discerning Re-enactor: Colonial Meets Digital: Game Review by Jeremy Kingsbury 7. Review: Conquered into Liberty: A Review by mark Suagee.

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