Journal of the Early Americas Volume IV Issue I


52 pages, full color.

In this issue you will find articles on:

1. Arts and Artisans: Schnitzelbank: Building a Shaving Horse by W. Joe Batterton

2. Hoppus and Hatchet: It’s the Paddle That Brings Us by Dick Weaver

3. The Early Americas: “All this load is attached by a band…” – The Humble Tumpline by Isaac Walters

4. Hearthstone: Rascal: The Word by Michael Barbieri

5. To Arms: The Franco-Spanish War on the Gulf Coast, 1719 by David McDonald

6. The Discerning Re-enactor: Becoming a Discerning Re-Enactor by Suzanne Larner

7. The Punchbowl: The Great Adventure by Theresa Brown Cortez

8. A Matter of Taste: A Brief History of George Washington’s Distillery by The George Washington’s Mount Vernon Staff

9. Reviews: A Spirited Resistance: the North American Indian Struggle for Unity, 1745-1815 A Book Review by Mark A. Suagee

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