Large Square White Silk Handkerchief


100% Silk


44″ x 44″


White silk handkerchiefs were some of the most common handkerchiefs worn around the neck of both men and women throughout the 18th century. Handkerchiefs of 35″ square (medium) are sufficient to easily tie about the neck, but at 44″ square are large enough for many woman to tuck into the back of your apron as are seen in some artwork. These are prepared to be dyed if you would like although there is no need to dye them. These silk handkerchiefs have a hand sewn rolled hem all the way around. In one corner is a “Made in India” label that can easily be cut out. Cited in the book Wives, Slaves, and Servant Girls in the 1775 Pennsylvania Ledger, an ad included “Run away . . .  a Dutch Servant Woman . . .  Had on and took with her . . .  a white silk handkerchief”.

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